Updated: January 2019

Hi, I'm Roy Edlund, theOBXBeachBum, and I shoot stuff on the beach.

From as early as I can remember, I've been moved by photography… 

I can remember, as a child, being transported to the faraway places I found in the photographs of magazines like National Geographic and Life.

I even imagined being there taking those shots. Over the years, I played around here and there, but for the most part, that's where it stayed, in my imagination.

My Roots.

Unlike some that are from here by some fortunate accident of birth, I'm not a native of NC or the Outer Banks. I was born in California and raised on Eastern Long Island in New York. I left there in 1976 hitchhiking around the country for three years or so until I wound up working in the oilfields of coastal Texas.

I don't know why I needed to tell you that, apparently it's a requirement, and to add to my mystique. :)

Anyway, fast forward almost 45 years and we are now in our eighth year since moving my family to the Outer Banks.  It was never my intention to pursue photography, but I was spending every day on the beach shooting whater caught my attention. Then I found I was hooked and couldn't stop shooting even if I wanted to.

When we first got here, I certainly didn't refer to myself as a photographer. I felt like it was an insult to “real” photographers. You know the ones that were trained, had paid their dues. I was just some old guy with a camera with a lot of time on his hands.

I had no training, I simply took loads of photos, all the time. According to my cameras, I've taken a few hundred thousand shots since then…93,805 in 2012 alone.

I love living here and have become a kind of chronicler of this ever-changing beachscape. 

The beaches are never the same from day to day, from breathtaking sunrises and glorious sunsets to powerful surf and the magnificent clouds (I really love the clouds here on the OBX) and the untouched expanse of dunes covered in seaoats. 

I love losing myself in these surroundings and in the moment shooting whatever reaches out to me.

As I've walked this new path, I discovered that my love of this pursuit, shooting the beach landscape, was having a healing effect on my soul. I was changing into the man I always imagined I could be.

Bringing me to the present.

I've become a little more comfortable calling myself a photographer.  I even published a book, 100 Photographs, back in 2017 and have another coming out in May. 

I am extremely humbled that people even like my images… especially “real” photographers.

Most of all, I'm extremely thankful for those of you that invested in me, that cared enough to encourage me and to even buy my prints... enabling me to pursue this passion.

This path has not been without it's bumps, but I'm excited about what lies ahead.

Thank you.


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